What You Don’t Know About Home Remodeling an Old Farmhouse

Renovating an Old Farmhouse: What Nobody Tells You

You’ve found it: An old and charming farmhouse with beamed ceilings, exposed brick walls, original wood-framed windows, possibly even an old barn. And out back there’s a little trees and green lawn space for a new hammock once your home remodeling is complete. But be warned before you start: Your farmhouse may be your dream home, but what you love most can also give you the most stress. Before you start, here are some things to understand about renovating a farmhouse — and a few things you should keep the way they are.

There May Be No Saving That Clawfoot Tub

You might imagine something like an antique, enameled iron tub in a farmhouse. However standing baths do not match sloping floors well, and the floor may be unable to cope with the weight of a full bath.

There Could Be Unknown Threats

If an old farmhouse (or any house constructed before 1978) has lead paint on the walls—or asbestos. Lead paint is especially a problem in window wells, where it can chip away or powder when the windows open and shut. Find out from the authorities what is the best and safest way to proceed and make sure you use professionals who are trained in dealing with hazardous materials.

Counters Made of Soapstone Are Not Entirely Maintenance-Free

Soapstone is a popular choice for farmhouse-style interiors, and it’s generally a rugged one: It’s fire-proof, waterproof, and acid-resistant. But be warned because it can nick and scratch (cutting boards are essential). Four years in the soapstone counters are unevenly worn and dent from the drop of a can.

Maybe You Should Get New Wood Floors

The good news is, that high-quality hardwood can take a beating in terms of sanding and refinishing—up to about 10 times, which takes longer but is cheaper than replacing the entire floor. but if the hardwood floors in your farmhouse are near or beyond that, then it’s time.

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